Affordable Business Video Conferencing

//Affordable Business Video Conferencing

Affordable Business Video Conferencing

The most important aspect of doing business is that you must be ready to communicate with people from all parts of the world. Most of the businesses are spread all over the world. Flying in people for every meeting is ridiculously expensive. Affordable business video conferencing is the best solution at this point of time. With business video conferencing it is possible to hold meetings and communicate with people at almost a moment’s notice.

In case you are running a small business, this becomes a rather complicated issue. Bandwidth is the key to video conferencing and it is the most expensive part as well. You have two options, wither you can put a blank check and spend as money as you can on getting bandwidth. Or the second option is to have restricted budget where mast of the money would be spent on getting bandwidth, some on compression techniques and the rest on equipment. It is trade off between money spent and quality delivered.

All of us know that at the end of the day quality is going to play a key role in the entire video conferencing experience. The trick is to strike the correct balance between what you want and how much you are ready to spend. Here are some scenarios which would give you a better picture and decide what you regard as affordable business video conferencing solution for your self.

Scenario One is where you require acceptable QVGA resolution and telephone quality audio. This is something like watching a movie on a Video CD. You would get acceptable quality and the prices are really low. The connection speed is around 376 kbps which is available at most areas for dirt cheap prices. Equipment wise you can do with a simple camera and normal computer mic.

Scenario Two is where you want VGA resolution and audio quality that is comparable to standard mp3 music file. You can equate this to watching a movie on a DVD. Quality is enough for most people and prices are affordable. You would require a connection of 2 or 3 mbps for such business video conferencing experience. The equipment costs also go up as you need better microphones and cameras.

Scenario 3 is not exactly and affordable business video conferencing solution for a small business but as technology advances, it might become graspable in around 3 years. This involve 1080i HD resolution and CD quality audio. It is best for long distance performances by artists. The connection required is around 7-8mps which is rather expensive. The equipment is also rather expensive what with HD cameras and studio quality microphones etc.

Depending upon your budget, you can opt for any of the solutions but Scenario Two can qualify as the best and most affordable business video conferencing solution at this point of time.

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