Beginner’s Guide To Video Conferencing

//Beginner’s Guide To Video Conferencing

Beginner’s Guide To Video Conferencing

All of us need to communicate with other people. Video conferencing is one of the best ways to communicate with people at long distances. The main areas of application of video conferencing, apart from business are the legal sector, medical sector and education, especially distance learning. A number of people are also using video conferencing in their home to communicate with friends and family who are not geographically accessible.

Video conferencing is catching on as the preferred mode of communication because it is instant and very cost effective. It has eliminated the need of travel for business. You do not have to fly halfway across the world just in order to conduct or participate in a meeting. You can get a near face to face experience when you are involved in video conferencing. It is just like you are sitting front of the other person. You can see all the expressions on the face of that person as if he is there.

Gone are the days when businesses had to fly people from all parts of the country and the world to hold a meeting. Today with video conferencing all that is required to schedule a video conferencing, inform the participants before hand and the job is done. People would be in a meeting at the decided time. No travel charges, no hotel bookings, no extra expenses, nothing.

In order to do video conferencing, you would need a computer, a web cam or a digital camera that can function as a web cam. A microphone is needed to carry your voice and speakers to listen to what other person is saying. You would also need a broadband Internet connection as video conferencing is bandwidth intensive.

The computer based video conferencing that is discussed above is a very basic setup. While it is enough for home or regular business use, it is not enough for other three areas mentioned here. These areas require a higher, better quality solution. The solution is available in the form of studio based video conferencing. It is rather expensive because every device and the communication infrastructure involved is of the top most quality.

The studio setup which is involved in video conferencing can be equalized to any TV production studio. All the cameras and microphones that are installed in a video conferencing studio are of professional quality. They are the devices which are used by the actors who appear on the television screen.

Connectivity is provided to these studios by either a direct, point to point leased line or by a dedicated satellite link or VSAT connection. Such an elaborate setup is used because of fact that video conferencing proceeding are recorded for archival purposes.

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