PC Video Conferencing: Simple And Affordable

//PC Video Conferencing: Simple And Affordable

PC Video Conferencing: Simple And Affordable

There are a number of reasons which have made video conferencing much more affordable. The concept of PC video conferencing is easily one of the most important reasons that we see PC video conferencing has become a technology for common man. It is simple to set up and use. There are a not a lot of expenses involved. The equipment that is required is very affordable and it can run with a normal DSL internet connection easily.

The concept of PC video conferencing has become so popular that the prices of related hardware has come down steeply. The requirements for PC video conferencing include first of all a personal computer. You would also need a web cam which covers the video part. A simple microphone is also needed. Naturally you would need an internet connection. Finally you need a video conference software solution,

Advances in technology has led to high degree of miniaturization and integration. You can easily find monitors which come with integrated camera and microphones which are specially optimized for PC video conferencing. Almost all the new laptop computers also come with integrated cameras and microphones for this purposes. Some high end laptops even come mega pixel camera and twin microphones which deliver really remarkable quality.

For the PC video conferencing software, it all depends on the operating system you use. The three main operating systems are of course Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X from Apple and Linux.

If you are using Mac OS X and want PC video conferencing solution, you do not need to go anywhere. All macs come with iChat and the video conferencing capabilities of this solution are legendary. It is the bar to which all other companies try to match their solutions. In fact if you say that iChat is the best video conferencing software out there, you would not be incorrect.

For the Linux users the main solution is of course Ekiga formerly known as GnomeMeeting. It is a standard part of the Gnome desktop environment which is present in most of the Linux based computers, be they from Dell or HP. In case you are not using Gnome, you still have the option to install TCPCam on your computer. Both are of course free and open source so you can customize them as well.

For the people who are using Microsoft Windows XP or older, there is Net Meeting already on your computer. In case you want a more powerful solution of if you are using Windows Vista, NetMeeting is not going to be enough. You would need the Windows Live Messenger which is available for free.

PC video conferencing is a really great way to stay in touch with your loved ones, regardless of where they are.

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