Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions And Services

//Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions And Services

Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions And Services

The market is flooded with video conferencing solution and service providers but there is only one market leader. Polycom video conferencing solutions and services are just unparalleled and without any rivals. The company started its operations in 1990. Since then the company has made a number of forays in the sector. Today Polycom develops software for audio and video conferencing, designs infrastructure for such solutions and even provides network infrastructure and end point tools.

The crowning achievement of the company is “The Polycom Office”. The Polycom Office is a comprehensive solution which shows the capabilities of Polycom video conferencing to their fullest. It is a one of its kind in the world, completely integrated solution. Apart from audio and video conferencing services, this tool provides data sharing and web based collaboration which means that people from any part of the world can be a part of the solution.

Within almost a decade of its establishment. Polycom showed that not only was it here to stay but it was here to rule. The company took over Accord Networks in February 2001. The new takeover formed the backbone of its solutions offering as it was now able to offer firewalls, gateways and multiple control units. It laid the foundation stone on which the Polycom video conferencing behemoth stands.

Months later, is a rather surprising move, Polycom took over PictureTel Corporation. This brought Polycom in the PC based conferencing sector. This led to Polycom video conferencing actually making it large with the common people. Another takeover by Polycom happened in 2004. This time it was Voyant Technologies. While the earlier takeover made the company popular among people, this time the company established itself in the business sector.

Another major breakthrough of Polycom was achieved in 2006. This was the year when the company intrduced it RPX 200 Series as well as the 400 Series telepresence solutions. This happened at a time when the Polycom VSX solutions had already made the company uber popular in the field of video conferencing solutions. It was soon followed by HDX 9000 Series which made high definition video conferencing a reality.

Today Polycom is the market leaded in the area of Unified Collaborative Communication. This includes not only Polycom video conferencing but also web conference tools and solutions. It is very well suited for business of all kinds. The company focuses on making its solutions scalable so that they can grow as your business grow. The solutions are also modular so you have to pay for what you need and what you are going to need.

Polycom video conferencing services also include special compliance evaluation services High Definition Readiness Services which check if your solutions and infrastructure are ready for next generation video conferencing services.

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